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Welcome here :-)  Hope you like reading about hair.  I do write about other stuff here and also there but a lot of it is about stuff I've done, how I've ruined it, cut it, dyed it, grown it back, fascinating stuff like that. I am a mum of five, an adopted person, and I write about this here, as well as tackling the massively unsexy topic of menopause, very positively. Years ago I trained as a nurse, I have also spent a decade running a bar in Brighton, and now work as a doula, bones closer, placenta encapsulator and specialising in breastfeeding education and support, and maternity reflexology.  I talk about this over on my blog Wildbirth so head over there if you like the sound of that sort of thing!
  Welcome, enjoy, and please feel free to leave me comments and questions here and on social media x Jil 

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