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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Guest Post: Easy Ways to Transform Cleaning into A Workout!

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Zowie Ashton contacted me with this post full of ideas for keeping fit whilst doing housework! Combining two chores into one always works for me.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, and you don’t always have the time for even a quick gym session with your buddies, or you are tired of the boring routine household duties. We might have found a solution for you, to make the chores a little bit more interesting or save you some money, instead of going to an actual gym, or you always wanted to start working out but you are always busy, why not just combine the two activities?

Fitness expert and creator of The LIV method Matt Sauerhoff, revolutionized the common household chores and exercising into a whole new activity. Instead of just vacuuming the floor, you can do walking lunges and clean your floors or carpets.  

Walking lunges is a lower body workout, which is great for your legs stability and building strength, according to Sauerhoff. So, while vacuuming, take a big step forward, lower your body almost to the ground, by bending your front and back foot, you will need to have 90 degree angle with both of your legs, and place almost the whole weight of your body on the front foot, and remember to keep your chest and back straight. Hold for a few seconds, and then repeat the movement, but this time with the other foot forward. Lunges are also great for picking up objects from the ground. Hauerhoff explains, that staying active will prevent muscle atrophy and improve your blood circulation.

Here is a way, to make dusting the furniture slightly more entertaining and much harder. Put ankle strap on weights to your wrists, by adding a few more pounds to the activity, you will feel resistance and your arms will start burning in no time. 

Butt lifts while cooking. According to the celebrity pilates and yoga instructor Kristin McGee, doing butt lifts while cooking is great for the back of your thighs, hips, hamstrings, and core muscles. While standing straight, simply lift  your one leg up behind you, and extend your foot as much as you can. 2-3 sets with 20 repetitions for each leg should be enough. Also worth noting is that you should be cooking something clean to eat, in order to get better results. 

Folding laundry and squats, why not? Another one of McGee’s chore exercises, just put all clothes you have to fold on the ground, and simply squat to them, instead of bending over. As in most exercises, the form of your squat is essential. When squatting, keep your back straight, your feet should be aligned with your knees, don’t forget to engage your core, while standing up.

Abdominal twists – you can pay your bills and do abdominal twist, you just need to stand between two tables. Take a bill, from the right table and twist to the left to fill it in, and of course, the other way around. 

Bicep curls, while taking the heavy trash bags out. Hold the bags tight, and lifting up and down, around 15 repetitions for each hand, keep your elbows close to the body, to maintain a good form, full range of motion is important, so extend  your hand all to way up to your shoulders and down. If you are interested, you can even sprint with the bags, according to the fitness video instructor Nikki Glor, interval running is better than marathon running, and you will burn more calories that way.

Another one of Glor suggestions is calf-raises while doing the dishes. As we all know doing the dishes is not particularly interesting activity, so, you should consider calf-raises and then squats again, but this time while drying them. 20 calf-raises of washing the dishes and then 20 repetitions of squat drying the dishes. After the squatting, return to calf-raises, until you are finished with the dishes. After a week or two, the progress will be evident in your quads, glutes, and calves.

But if you are not too keen on the above-mentioned exercises, and you do not want to risk any injuries, you can also effectively clean like the old-fashioned way. For example scrubbing the floors with a towel or a brush, can be quite exhausting as well, and it can also be considered as a way of burning calories since it is a physical activity which can be done with high-intensity. Then after you are done with the floors you can move to the bathroom and simply scrub every tile possible, using the required detergents and a brush. And then there is the oven cleaning where you will probably need to lean on something which can still be quite tiring, use a detergent and make sure to scrub every inch of the oven, and surely you will have burned some calories after you are done cleaning. 


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