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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake First Impressions

30g serving: Cal: 118 Fat: 3.6g Protein:3.9 Carb:17.5 Fibre: 3.3

I was excited to be contacted by Nutribuddy to review their Breakfast Shake
because I've never tried one before and the thought of something so quick and easy on a busy morning is really appealing. If you're new here, welcome! ... just to explain that I am trying to lose a stone in weight by getting into ketosis as much as I can (although it's proving harder than I anticipated to get back into not eating carbs and sugar following the Christmas temptations)  So I am falling off the wagon into the sweetie and chocolate tin now and then, as well as struggling to find something to give me a very necessary carb load before I hit the gym.

To rewind a bit, I started the ketosis diet in November, and almost immediately became ill with a cold and bronchitis...or was it keto flu?  I think probably a mixture of both, and it lasted two months and a course of antibiotics. Despite really loving the high fat healthy foods like fish, kale, eggs, nuts etc, I didn't like the illness which felt very real and stopped me working a few days as well.  So, now its the new year, I'm ready to be back on it, I have returned to cardio and weights at the gym, and I'm easing back into ketosis on days when I'm not gymming, and using porridge for a little carb load before training.  And then came Nutribuddy into my life, right on time!

On days when I'm heading for the gym or early in to work, the Nutribuddy shake is the perfect start for me because it's so simple and super fast to prepare, and I can drink it on the go, saving me time and also saving me from hitting the unhealthy snacks in the canteen at my morning break which is what happens if I don't have time to eat breakfast in the morning.  I can even spend the time it would take to prepare and eat my breakfast, making myself a healthy lunch to take with me, because despite my best intentions, after cooking tea for the family in the evening I should prepare tomorrows lunch...but rarely ever do!

I ordered the pink shaker, and chocolate flavour shake...because, well, chocolate!  It's super chocolatey and I love that if I need a sweet chocolate treat after dinner, a little Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake can ease the evening struggle with these is real!  The products arrived quickly and the actual shake powder comes in a beautiful glass jar which I love, with it's own little scoop. Have a look here at all the products in the range.

I don't often review food products simply because I don't feel that there's very much out there that can improve on real, natural fresh food in it's raw state.  I used to say that if a food had an advert, avoid it...I'm having to back track on that here, because Nutribuddy have taken simple whole organic foods and combined them to make a really useful addition to a healthy diet for a busy person.

In my experience, there's no point in wasting money on high-priced food replacement products that are full of chemicals that you wouldn't want to be ingesting, and which can't be sustained as a long term dietary choice.  A glance at some of the ingredients on some of these kinds of products is enough to put me off, with bulking agents, thickeners, preservatives, colourings and flavourings.  Well there's none of that in the Nutribuddy breakfast's a completely organic combination of organic gluten-free oats, organic chia seed, organic flax seed and organic dessicated coconut. The chocolate flavour comes from cocoa powder.

Speaking of gluten-free, it's also soy-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It's also high in fibre and the absolute best part for me is that despite being totally sugar free, it does contain stevia, so it fools me into thinking that I'm having a sweet treat!

And I couldn't help myself...on Monday I had a morning off work, so there was no rushing around grabbing breakfast and trying to make a healthy lunch, I had a slow morning in my pj's reading and drinking tea and when I was ready for breakfast, I wanted warm bowl of goodness so I made the chocolatey treat above!  I just toasted some flaked almonds in coconut oil, sprinkled on some milled seeds and berries, some blueberries, a little almond butter and a couple of cheeky squares of 100% cocoa solids dark chocolate...yum yum!

Lets see where I am after two weeks using Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake to start my day...I have a feeling that it's going to become a staple part of my regular eating, and that I'm going to want to experiment with the other flavours in the range too.  It comes in Naked, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.  Check back in with me around the second week of February, and let me know in the comments below if you've tried any breakfast shakes or Nutribuddy products and how your weight-loss journey is going, and if you want to try Nutribuddy products for yourself or have a look, visit them here at xx

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase products through me I get a small payment for advertising, at no cost to you. This helps me to keep on blogging. I did not purchase these products they were sent to me free of charge for my honest review and opinion.

Jil Wild Manning
Maternity & Fertility Reflexologist
Doula UK Recognised Birth Doula specialising in breastfeeding education and support.


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