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Friday, 1 December 2017

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I can't quite believe that whilst editing a couple of recipe posts at 10.27pm I have suddenly been struck with the brilliant and bonkers idea of doing blogmas.  Feeling the pressure of work, lingering coughs and the silly season?  Why not add another layer of madness and commit to blogging every day?

I actually bloody love Christmas and all it's inexplicable traditions and trappings, all the frenzy which I don't actually join in with but enjoy from the side lines.  My tree has already been up for three or four days, much to the utter disgust of those bah-humbuggery types who don't permit any expression of seasonal joy until its almost over. 

We always take our tree and decorations down on new years day. It all has to stay up for new years eve, partly because it's my youngest's birthday, and partly because, well, just because, and it has to come down the following day so that I can enjoy the last day or so before the return to normal, in the relative novelty of a decoration-free front room.

So the fact that my decs come down so peremptorily, I think, gives me carte blanche to put them up prematurely, so that I may enjoy them at my leisure, for a full month at least.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Today was bloomin freezing, and I spent it working.

I also spent it staring at my flight aware app as my older daughter and her babies have been travelling all day to the USA to see hubby/daddy. It must be a mummy thing but it feels like there's a string attached to me which someone is stretching very hard whenever one of my grown up babies goes away. And someone was spending it staring at me...

Ernie got his little walk. The cold weather actually put me off going to see a band which I love, playing absurdly locally to me. That always happens when something is really convenient and nearby and I can't be arsed to go.  Typical me... See you tomorrow!

Do you put your tree up before December has started? And do you get it in the earhole from family members or friends who think you're starting too soon? Leave me a comment :-) xx

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