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Monday, 4 September 2017

Aveda Damage Remedy Range, Product Review.

Aveda products are plant-based, cruelty-free, a joy to use, and they really work!

This product review  is my honest opinion, not paid or sponsored, and I purchased these products myself.  Right, we are talking about three products
from Aveda's Damage Remedy range; the restructuring shampoo, restructuring conditioner, and the intensive restructuring treatment, and the clue as to what state my hair was in when I purchased these, is in the title! Yes, I had damaged my hair, with ten months of bleaching the roots every six weeks or so. Yes...I know I was asking for trouble, but if you follow my blog you'll know that during that ten months I was growing out my pixie cut, and offsetting my dislike of the growing out process with glamming it up with bleach. When my hair was super short, of course I could bleach away to my little heart's content because it was all going to get trimmed off in the coming fortnight anyway.  I was kind of still in that carefree mindset all the while my hair was steadily growing, and not being taken care of in the way it should have been, if I'm really honest with myself.

Around ten months' growth in, I began to notice that it wouldn't curl without masses of varied curl products and the hairdryer, and when I attempted to straighten it, total horror, some of my fringe actually snapped clean off.  That was my wake up call, and how foolish did I feel, busy growing it on the one hand and on the other hand systematically destroying it with too-frequent use of bleach (even though I was really careful to place it only on the dark still tracks up the hair shaft and I was washing it off allowing the bleach to go on the ends as a 'refresher' of the colour) and also in retrospect I realise that I was using 40 vol where I now stick to 30 vol developer.

I had to bite the bullet and stop bleaching. My hair is white, with some grey areas and these are what I had been bleaching.  I didn't really want to let the grey show through because it's not a nice strong colour but a bit salt and pepper and quite aging unlike the hair on the top of my head which is mainly white and can look quite stunning and not granny grey if you know what I mean!  However, I really wanted long hair again, so I cheered myself up with ordering the damage remedy products from Aveda as I have used the intensive restructuring treatment before.  Honestly it was the best thing I've ever done for my hair.  I still have the same conditioner, an astonishing TEN MONTHS later!  I have repurchased the shampoo and intensive treatment, at around the six month mark, which to my mind is still pretty damn amazing and totally mitigates the higher than average cost of the products.  Despite the shampoo being £23 for 8floz/250ml and the intensive treatment coming in at a hefty £29 for 5floz/150ml in my opinion these products represent fantastic value for money.  The smallest amount of product goes a really long way, and they actually do what they say they will.

Within ONE use, my fringe, or what remained of it, became de-frizzed, and regained it's natural curl, and looked and felt smooth and non-stressed.

The active ingredient here is quinoa protein.  It literally clings and penetrates the shaft of chemically damaged hair, strengthening the bonds and giving it a smooth and healthy appearance straight away.  Miracle stuff, honestly, how often in life and especially in hair care, can you say that?  All of this said, you have to understand what this product is doing to realise why you only use the intensive treatment once a week (I prefer to leave it 10 days as my hair is already very dry) rather than every wash. The addition of the extra protein can dry the hair out, and overuse of the product will give the appearance of dryness.  I just use the daily damage remedy conditioner in between times,  and I alternate the shampoo as well although you don't have to.  The shampoo is a total delight, it even feels live and active in your palm, and it generates a fabulous lather.  The smell...divine.

"Aveda's Own Pure-Fume Aroma with Certified Organic Bergamot, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang and Other Pure Flower and Plant Essences"

I purchase my Aveda products in my local store; they do a loyalty scheme which other branches offer too. Find your local Aveda salon here or purchase with confidence online here

I am looking forward to trying other products...Damage Remedy do a split end repair now, but I actually haven't got any split ends to try it on since using the products!  If you order online you will get to choose one or two sample products too.  My salon has offered me sample products before and been super helpful with providing me a scoop or two of the treatment when I was out of mine and their weekly order didn't have any.

Have you tried Aveda Damage Remedy yet?  Let me know!
Jil Wild Manning
Fertility & Maternity Reflexologist
Doula UK recognised Doula

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