Saturday, 12 August 2017

Pixie growth, 20 months!

Today is August 12th 2017, 20 months to the day that I last cut my hair, on 12th December 2015!

What a journey its been to grow back into myself. Although I really enjoyed my pixie crop,
it wasn't really me, and its been a very long road to grow it back almost to where it was. Another 6-9 months of healthy growth should find my hair back to how I want it. Im going to blog in the coming week about the products I've used to help maintain my hair health...treatments, shampoos and conditioners, and supplements will all feature, because I have thrown everything at growing some strong healthy hair back after illness, surgery and frequent bleaching left it looking less than its best. Now I just need to enjoy it, whilst being mindful of taking care to not stress it by tying it up/back too harshly, and not over bleaching.

Looking back over the 20 months, I remember the frustration of not having the hair that  wanted, but also that it was interesting to experience the 'styles' I went through and what used to make my unruly mop behave itself when tying it back wasn't an option.  Actually I didn't hate the short hair as much as I thought I would, but I do remember the sheer relief at the eleven and a half month point when I got it all up into one elastic on top of my head for the first time, without having the support of a thousand hair grips!  It didn't stay in place for long, but as a psychological milestone it was huge.

Part of my way of coping with not enjoying my hair length and style was to make sure I was happy with the colour, and after dark glossy brown, bright brassy bleach is my fave! Haha just joking, a nice cool platinum blonde is flattering to my skin tone and I like the cheeriness of the colour. So  did all my growing out as a platinum blonde until around the ten month mark, when I started to realise that my hair wasn't curling very well, and I couldn't manage to straighten it either because it was just too frizzy and frankly too delicate to take much in the way of heat straightening.  Some of my fringe snapped away when I tried, and at that point I realised that I would have to give the bleaching a rest.  I treated myself to some really good conditioning treatments and protein restructuring treatments, and gave it a rest for a whole nine months. After that, the greyness of my fringe was making me feel old so out came the bleach bottle again last month.  I won't lie, I was sh**ting myself at the thought of it going wrong, because unlike when my hair was brown, I didn't have the option to slap a load of dye over any mistakes.  However, it couldn't have turned out better and am was super pleased to be blonde again!

I will blog about that transformation and show you the products, but until then, let me know what you think.
Are you checking in here because youre on that same hair growth journey? What has helped you to cope with growing out a short cut? Let me know in the comments below! X

Jil Wild Manning
Fertility & Maternity Reflexologist
Doula UK recognised Doula

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