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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My top 5 Products for Banishing Bleached Blonde Brassiness

My natural hair is a combination of dark brown and pure white, distributed
in kind of patches over my head. The white is mainly on top and on my right temple, with the dark at my fringe and the back of my head. Left temple and sides are a mixture of both colours, so appear grey.  I bleach my T-bar, so fringe and what ever dark hair remains on my crown.

Because some of my natural hair is pure white, the contrast between that and any bleached areas can be quite marked, even when I've bleached down to really light yellow, so I like to use toning products that minimise this without adversely affecting the condition of my hair, or making it appear dull, grey and washed out, like some toning products can do.  These are my top five products currently being used to keep my blonde as fresh and cool toned as possible.

Below you can see I was rocking the grey in my fringe for a while, but it became a bit aging and dull looking for me, so after all my shouting about how fantastic grey hair is, natural colour etc etc, I only went and blooming bleached it again, as you can see above!  Gaad but I am so fickle.

The L'OrĂ©al Elvive Nourish and Shimmer Highlights Shampoo pictured above is for highlighted hair specifically, but my hair is one giant highlight so I figure it will still work, lol!  Apparently the formula contains a 'reinforced active'.  Active what? I have no idea what that means google search hasn't enlightened me at all. The shampoo formula contains light reflectors, which seem to be the main ingredient responsible for the shine effect, although I feel that its power lies in the way that it cleans my hair extra, extra well and gets rid of dullness and toner build-up. The really great thing about that is the formula, which  is extra rich and never leaves my hair feeling straw-like and gasping for conditioner like some other shampoos.  Those two qualities would be enough to keep me repurchasing this, but the cherry on the cake is the gorgeous honey smell of this stuff which is actually enriched with Royal Jelly as well.  It's a pleasure to use.  There's a conditioner as well, and it has the same gorgeous smell. Its a high street drug-store product, I bought it with my Tesco shop and it has lasted a long time, unsurprising really as it comes in a 400mil bottle.  Theoretically I would repurchase this because I really like it, but I'm going to try something different next time to compare.

The Aveda Blue Malva conditioner has got its very own product review on this blog, its so good! here it is if you'd like to go in depth as to why this product will always be in my drawer!  This is a staple for me because my hair is so dry, wiry, badly behaved, and frequently yellow and brassy. Having said that, the Aveda colour conditioners do deposit some serious colour, so I don't over use this as the bleached part of my hair can become stained and dull from too much toning.  As I mention in the blog post, I also use this as a styling product when necessary, but that isn't what Aveda intended I don't think, and it certainly won't work that way for everyone.  That said, its worth buying as a weekly treatment for blonde hair, to keep it in beautiful condition, seriously soft and gently toned with a soft lilac/platinum/blue mixture.  It is on the expensive side, but worth it as it lasts forever because you don't need a lot of product.  I get this in my local Aveda salon, you can find yours here . You can also get it online, and I can recommend shopping from Aveda here super fast delivery and you get to choose some freebies at checkout to try.  They are also cruelty free, and the formulas are plant based, natural and smell divine.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Hot Shots are incredible!  They are a 'treatment' which is recommended to be used following ordinary shampooing, but this can sometimes kind of 'overclean' my hair , if you know what I mean?  I don't always want to follow this treatment with a conditioner, because the colour and shine it leaves me with is so perfect, I don't want anything to disturb that!  So if I shampoo first it can strip too many of my hair's natural oils away, hence I sometimes just lather this in straight off as it has a shampoo like quality of lathering up a treat.  It contains ginger to invigorate the hair follicle which apparently increases its uptake of nutrients to improve the health of the hair.  You can really feel this effect and whilst I'm not going to moan about anything that improves hair health, it's not necessarily something I want to feel on my head whilst I'm enjoying the toning and conditioning effect of this thick, luxury shampoo treatment. Maybe a bit of an unnecessary addition? Or an added benefit?  Either way, I use this stuff approximately every 10 days or so, usually when I'm going out and want my hair to have that extra wow factor. There are four sachets in the box, and even with my thick, long mop, I still don't always use up everything in the generous 15 ml sachet. The actual product is gorgeous, you can feel how thick and sumptuous it is and it goes on and lathers up a treat, and the tone is perfect. It leaves my hair looking extra bright, clean and really white toned.  You only need to leave it on a couple of minutes as well, so perfect for in the shower before a night out.

Lee Stafford again comes up trumps with this toning and conditioning spray. You apply it to towel dry hair before you style, and you have to seriously shake it first as it has silver light reflectors in a purple toned liquid.  It really transforms brassy hair to white cool toned platinum, and I love that it can be used as a sort of spot treatment (that's me adapting and doing my own thing as usual!) for extra brassy areas.  I wouldn't necessarily think of this as a conditioning spray, but the toning/colour correcting effect is awesome. Both the Lee Stafford products smell great too.  I purchase mine in Boots, and there is a huge range of Bleach Blonde products to choose from.  I've recently purchased a serum from that range and will be reviewing that soon, so make sure you follow the blog to find out more.

Knight and Wilson are a new (ish) kid on the block I think? Let me know if I've got that wrong.  I used their amazing  'Stone Grey' permanent hair colour on the back of my hair to correct a bit of gone-wrong bleaching and knock out some white hairs...but I digress.  This Colour Freedom White Blonde colour corrector is one of those does-what-it-says-on-the-tin products.  It's thick, super-pigmented and perfect if you like the cool blonde look.  I'm going to be honest and say that for me, it doesn't act as a conditioner, but then it isn't marketed as such, its a non-permanent hair colour with shea butter and argan oil. I have the Rose Blonde and Storm Grey colours from the same range and I have to say that they are laying in the drawer not being used, because they really do deposit a strong colour which I found to be not exactly non-permanent!  I love the White Blonde though, and it can be mixed with a conditioner of your choice for colour maintenance on a regular basis, or used by itself for a dramatic white blonde effect.  I always have this in my drawer and I know someone else who does too!  I get it in Superdrug, amongst a bewildering range of different non-permanent colours for your blonde hair.

What are your favourites for maintaining the cool icy blonde look?  Let me know your favourites, or if you try any of the above and want to let me know what you think!
Jil Wild Manning
Fertility & Maternity Reflexologist
Doula UK recognised Doula

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