Wednesday, 26 July 2017

My sweet ones #dailygratitude

The special magic of this place!
It's physical location is the fields just over the way from my house.  I'm here nearly every day, early morning, very late at night (not sensible, I know) rain, clouds, sunshine, stars.  These fields are far more than the sum of their physical parts to me.  They are a timeless space where my thoughts can expand and fly and worries can explode into a million distant pieces like those glittering chips in the night sky. They are a warm, quiet, solitary place of nature. These fields and woods connect me back to childhood, to playing by myself or with my friends, to walking with my mum and our neighbour's dog in the darkening autumn evenings, returning home for hot tea.

One day, sooner than you'd think, these little ones will be grown. The likelihood is that these fields, the route I used to walk their mama and her sister and brothers to school, will be concreted over for the first time in the history of the world, changed forever into houses and roads.

I will be an old lady then, but by the grace of the Goddess, please let me retain these memories, just two days old as I write this.  Let me slip easily back into this timeless space of love, and laughter, and discussion and play, of quiet companionship, and looking forward to our tea.

Where is your special space? Let me know in the comments :-)


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