Saturday, 1 April 2017

March hair update

This picture isn't very clear but I think it's quite atmospheric!  Anyway, this is my March hair growth update, and I have straightened it for my night out.

It's just touching the tops of my shoulders, it's mainly white with dark grey/black at the back and a couple of streaks of dark grey in the front which are naturally darker areas that I've helped along a bit with a grey permanent dye, to strengthen up the colour because I'm not feeling the salt-and-pepper grey.

The condition is improving dramatically since stopping bleach and starting the Aveda products, although my hair is naturally really coarse, dry, wiry and generally frizzy, and nothing is going to change that!

I'm still enjoying the novelty of having actual 'long' hair rather than short.  It's not nearly as long as it needs to be to use it's own weight to weigh down the frizz (if you have this kind of hair you'll understand!) but it's great to finally be out of the short hair category!

I'm using the Aveda damage remedy shampoo every other wash, the damage remedy intensive restructuring treatment every 10 days and trying to wash my hair every 3 days, which is difficult!  I've also been using some other products to tone my bleached ends, and give them some grey colour to match in with the rest.  This hasn't been wholly successful, but there's another blog post coming where I will be discussing all these various toners and colours, because there are loads to choose from on the high street at the moment.

Next update will be in June, by which time I'm hoping to report that the length will be nearer what I'm aiming for.  I'm still taking Biotin in various forms in different supplements, because I think this is helping to restore the thickness I lost when I was ill and had surgery a while back.  By thickness, I mean actual more hair follicles being active and producing healthy strong hairs!

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