Tuesday, 17 January 2017

#Gratitude for sunshine and tax returns

Those rays of sunshine!

Yesterday was so called 'Blue Monday', that second Monday in January where everyone is supposed to be at their lowest ebb.  I want to say what a load of codswallop, but I have to admit that yesterday was challenging for me and not just because of the cold and wet weather which caused everything to look grey rather than blue.  I had that dragging feeling that everything I did that day wasn't good enough, was never going to be enough, that I was running out of time to get it right, that I had wasted so much time already, not achieving the things that everyone else around me seems to get right easily.  Yep, I know, we all get this at some time and it did seem via social media and people in my personal life, as though yesterday did have some kind of magical power to depress and dishearten everyone!

Instead of trying to fight this inner feeling, I just went with it, observing it in a mindful way, also remaining mindful that I am not my feelings.  It came, it went.  And I woke up this morning to the sunshine.  Today is a fast day, so cups of tea in abundance, and also the day that I have set aside to complete my self-assessment tax return.  Given my usual attitude of fear towards any paperwork, the fact that setting up a small business can be more about loss than profit at first, and also that I do actually owe the taxman some money,this day should be as unpleasant as yesterday, but I have a new affirmation that 'I love money, and money loves me' and being scared of delving into my profit and loss accounts doesn't resonate with loving my money.  I'm sucking it up and getting over that one, and enjoying the sunshine that's coming through the window and shining on my accounts!

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