Thursday, 12 January 2017

A page from my memoirs

Forgive the poor quality photograph, I took it this Christmas Eve just gone, when I was blessed to be surrounded for one day by all my children, their partners and children.  These two scallywags are my older sons, born 16 months apart in the late 80's. 

They say that every baby brings in his or her own energies with them, and that is so true for all my children.  My oldest bought the energy of change, as my life was to be almost unrecognisable from the one I was living when he was conceived.  I left my job, my home, the town I was living in, all my friends, and moved to this house that we are still in.  My dear dad died just before my boy was born.  This loss was sudden and completely unexpected.  Although, or maybe because they never met in this physical life, there is such a connection apparent between my son and his grandfather, in my eyes.  My dad loved mountains, meadows and clear alpine air, and his dream holidays were always spent walking among alpine flowers and marvelling at beautiful Swiss, German and Austrian landscapes.  My oldest son has travelled, toured alone on his motorbike to these regions, and lived and worked in the mountains.  He sent pictures of himself mountaineering with friends that he'd made on the trip.  It took my breath away to see these pictures, because the morning after my dad's death, I woke up in bed and just thought, well where is my dad?  I know he's dead, but what does that mean?   Where is he and what is he doing right now?  Well instantly I got my answer.  I saw him laying on a couch, on the balcony of a huge Swiss chalet, overlooking the mountains and lakes.  He was recouperating in the hereafter following his fatal heart attack, in the fresh mountain air that he loved.

My second son came only 16 months after my first, before he had been properly cooked in my belly, so he was rather ill and in hospital for the first weeks of life.  He recovered well, and the pair of them and the brother and two sisters who followed made my life rich and blessed with fun and love, although my life was rarely quiet!  That's why it was so good when they came home to fill my place with music and singing and laughter and fun again!

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