Monday, 12 December 2016

Growing out my Pixie, 1 year on!

12th December. My wedding anniversary, 29 years this year, and my 1 year hair growth anniversary!

Same necklace, same earrings, same nose-stud, same knickers, only joking. I have waited a whole year to put this picture up!!! It is exactly one year on from the very last time I cut my hair!!

My last salon visit was actually 17 months ago, and from then on I cut my own hair.  I honestly couldn't have sustained a pixie cut without being able to see to it myself.  Not only would the cost of visiting the salon every 2 or 3 or even 4 weeks been prohibitive, but I just am not the kind of person who has salon visits as part of my routine.  Even if money were no object, I just can't be arsed with that sort of commitment.  Doing it myself was the only way, and I had only just used my brand new hair razor when this photo was taken.  It was super easy to use, much better than thinning scissors or ordinary scissors. 

I had already decided that this was my last cut though, and I was looking forward to seeing how it grew out.  I photographed it every other month as you can see, and some months have been more painful than others!  It was ok all the while it was still 'short' hair because I could style it as such, but May and June were a struggle as its so coarse and thick but was still too short to be put up.  July saw the breakthrough I needed and I could make a teeny-tiny pony tail and clip the rest out of the way. 

Halfway through November I suddenly became able to put it all up in one elastic.  It doesn't yet stay there for any length of time without copious clippage, but it felt good to reach that milestone.  The actual hair has grown a good 6 inches, so that's great, but due to its thick curly nature and the fact that I have a huge head, that growth isn't yet enough for me as it still appears to be just under chin length.

The other issue has been the fact that with it being so short, I have been bleaching it as being short and grey was too far into grannyville for me.  After around 8 months of solid bleaching every 3-6 weeks, my hair is showing signs of damage.  I decided after bleaching it on the 16th October that it was ridiculous to be trying to grow it and systematically destroying it at the same time, so I have stopped for the time being.  We'll see how that goes, but I am loving the dark grey that's coming through front and back.

To support my poor hair's health whilst growing it, I have purchased some Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner from Aveda.  I already have the Intensive Restructuring treatment from Aveda's Damage Remedy range and it is fantastic.  The following month I bought the Moisture Remedy conditioner too, and a little travel size shampoo.  I can't recommend this highly enough.  My hair looks so, so much better for these shampoos.  I don't even freak out over the colour when my toner washes out because the hair just looks so great.  I still use Nutrogena's coal tar shampoo for dandruff every so often, as I get a sore scalp, and I am attempting to leave at least two days between shampoos to stop my hair from drying out.

Hair grows faster in the spring, so I would estimate that my next milestone will be around then, with me feeling like I finally have left the legions of the short haired.  I'll post an update soon, and review my Aveda haul in more detail if you'd like?

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