Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Coffee #Gratitude

Home-brewed rich smooth coffee with plush froth topped with nutmeg, cinnamon and chocolate lifts my spirits and makes for a nice treat. 

I am so, so grateful to have found my coffee machine after months of wishing that I could justify spending the £50 or so quid on the one that I thought I wanted. 

I was lusting after one of those machines where you put a little pod of coffee or whatever into the slot and off it goes...the resulting drinks looked delicious on pictures and you tube reviews.  One thing that held me back from getting one, apart from the scarcity at the time of a spare fifty notes, was the thought of all the packaging waste that I'd be creating, every time I made a drink.  That really didn't sit too easily with me; if we can avoid creating waste then I think we absolutely have to try and do that, because waste that will not biodegrade is choking our planet.

I met this love in a charity shop where he was up for a song at £8.00. He was minus the little tray and handle for making espresso, so he was abandoned until I came along!  He makes the most beautiful creamy froth, and that characteristic high-pitched coffee-is-imminent scream as he's boiling milk in next to no time. I have no milk-burnt saucepan to contend with afterwards. 

So much gratitude for that shoestring purchase from the charity shop, and also for the delicious coffee and mince pie today.

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