Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Best friend #Gratitude!

Ernie is my hairy best friend with the awful breath.  He loves a walk up the hill to the windmill and through the woods, unless it's night time, when for some reason he isn't so keen on that walk.

In the dark I stand there waiting for him to stop sniffing or doing whatever doggies do, then as my eyes adjust to the night I see that he's not doing anything at all.  He's just standing there, on the end of his lead, looking at me, and he resists my gentle tug and words of encouragement.  I've realised it's probably wise to trust his intuition, especially on a lonely dark road, so back we go.  Funny fella, hates fireworks or loud bangs, and black Labradors. 

Today he very kindly gave up his daytime stroll and kept me company on the bed instead.  I thought I was coping with this cold and had a list of jobs to get through this afternoon, but it go the better of me and I snuggled under the duvet with two hot water bottles, a mug of Lemsip, and Gladiator.  And Ernie of course!

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